Love in Bits

Published on: July 19, 2010

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Stories from the World of Online Dating

Christian Rudder of describes how he knows everything about what kind of lover you are. Aaron Henkin of WYPR’s The Signal reads a sample of the OKCupid Love Personality Types. Eric Herot flies down to Missouri to meet a Bajoran he met on a Star Trek simming board. Christina H meets up with some dude from craigslist. Bitch PHD describes the gender dynamics of an Adult Friend Finder chatroom. Christian Rudder explains how to tell if a boy likes you. Adam Conover of sketch comedy group Olde English discovers that girls really like to be told they’re secret agents. And finally, Christina’s leaves a businessman from Israel very frustrated.

Produced and edited by Nick van der Kolk + Adrianne Mathiowetz.

Playlist (in order of appearance)
Title – Artist – Album

Glue of the World – Four Tet – Pause
Feeling Fine – Sharpshooters – Choked Up
Folium – John Zorn – Film Works V (Tears of Ecstasy)
A Mother – Herbaliser – Blow Your Headphones
La Jetee”” – Isotope 217 – The Unstable Molecule
Jetty – Tortoise – TNT
Indie – Aarktica – No Solace in Sleep
Honey – Tosca – Suzuki
Kim Hiorth√ły
One Day in My Garden – Amon Tobin – Bircolage
Jezebel – Zeena Parkins & Ikue Mori – Phantom Orchard
Tired of Being Alone – Al Green – Gets Next to You

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