Stones in a Bag

Laura Ulloa – Political Scientist

Image by John Garrison

At the age of nine, Laura Ulloa was kidnapped for a short time by the Colombian leftist guerrilla group ELN. She figured that would be the last time that would ever happen.

Final song: Charlev by Oliver Coates.

(in order of appearance)
Artist – Title
Oliver Coates – Praire
Oliver Coates – Faraday Monument
Alva Noto – u09-0
CF CF – Before and After Light
Michele Murcure – Ghosts Before Breakfast
Michele Murcure – Dinosaur Dancing
Christopher Willits – Ama
Michele Murcure – De Dunk
William Basinski – Divertissement Pt 1
Christopher Willits – Beginning
Pan*American – So That No Matter
Christopher Willits – Sps
Christpher Willits – Four
Offworld – Scrubdown
Tashi Wada with Yoshi Wada – Bottom of the Sky
Michele Murcure – Dreamplay
Oliver Coates – Charlev

Published on: September 21, 2018

From: Episodes, Season 7


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