We’ve Joined Luminary!

Big news, y’all.

Big news! We’ve joined a brand new podcast network: Luminary, along with many other fine radio and podcast makers, including Trevor Noah, Adam Davidson, Lena Dunham, Hannibal Buress, Guy Raz, Leon Neyfakh, and many many more.

This marks the biggest transition for us since I quit my day job to work on L+R full time, back in 2014. That’s because it means L+R will be moving from a primarily ad-supported show to being supported exclusively by subscribers. As you can imagine, I had to have a long, hard think on it, but ultimately I came to the conclusion that this better reflects my values and ultimately, my loyalty. That loyalty is to the craft of making groundbreaking radio, and to my listeners, not to a company trying to sell you something (no disrespect, CaspajamaLuggageChute.co.uk!). Podcasts like ours, ones that take big risks creatively, actively challenge listeners, and take loads of time to produce, are just not the kind of shows advertisers tend to support.

We will have brand new episodes dropping this May–including our very first sequel, and some of the most mind-bending stories we’ve worked on yet. They’ll be available exclusively on the Luminary app. You can get it early by going to the link below, and you’ll get some extra perks for being on board early.

Thank you so much for your support and love over the years. I hope you’ll join me on this next chapter in the history of the show.


Published on: March 4, 2019

From: News