Insane vs. Unsane

Meditations on insanity and unsanity.

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Meditations on insanity and unsanity.

Featuring Clay Pigeon, host of the wonderful Dusty Show on WFMU.

Produced and edited by Nick van der Kolk + Adrianne Mathiowetz.

(in order of appearance)
Title – Artist – Album
Det Fanns En Tid – Spinform – Bryter Tystnaden
Island – Black Dice – Creature Comforts
Portugal Rua Rua – Glissandro 70 – Glissandro 70
Rostro – Murcof – Remembranza
Midnight Marawders – Joe Dukie & DJ Fitchie – NovaTunes 1.2
Hunger – Schneider TM – Zoomer
I See You Pan – Animal Collective – Hollinndagain
Lablakely Dress – Animal Collective – Hollinndagain
Blue Noon – Zeena Parkins and Ikue Mori – Phantom Orchard
Hey Judo – Volcano the Bear – Classic Erasmus Fusion
Dear Jessie – Madonna – Like a Prayer
Pick Up (Bonobo remix) – Four Tet – Remixes
Poverty (Once Upon A Time In America) – John Zorn – The Big Gundown
Once Upon A Time In The West – John Zorn – The Big Gundown

Published on: October 30, 2006

From: Episodes, Season 1

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