Nick van der Kolk, Host and DirectorNick van der Kolk

Nick van der Kolk is an audio producer, sound designer, and the creator of Love + Radio. His work has appeared on This American Life, Radiolab, The New York Times, Snap Judgment, Marketplace, and numerous radio outlets worldwide. He is a 2012 USA Artists Fellow and a co-founder of Megapolis — an audio art and leftfield radio festival.  Nick splits his time between Richmond, Virginia and Sligo, Ireland.



Phil Dmochowski, ProducerPhil Dmochowski

Phil helped establish the show in its earliest days and returned as full-time producer in 2018. He returned to L+R from VICE, where he continues to write about food and wine. There, he produced the Munchies podcast, which won a Taste Talks Award for best food radio show. His radio career started at Car Talk, and he may be able to diagnose your clamorous car issue over the phone. He lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts.



Steven Jackson, Contributing EditorSteven Jackson

Steven Jackson is a radio producer, sound designer, and musician. His work has appeared on This American Life, Snap Judgment, 99 Percent Invisible, BBC, and more. He lives in Chicago, where he spends his free time playing music, shooting short films with friends, and trying to convince everyone at the party to make a human pyramid.