Another Planet

Clyde Casey : Artist, Security Guard

The true story of Clyde Casey, a street performer who used surrealism and abstract art to fight crime in Los Angeles’ Skid Row in the 1980s, and the creator of a place called Another Planet. Also featuring the voices of Tim Robbins (yes, THAT Tim Robbins), Lonnie Johnson, Flame Simon, Richard Haxton, and Lil Daddy.

Produced by David Weinberg, Brendan Baker, and Nick van der Kolk. This episode is a co-production with The Organist podcast, from Believer Magazine and KCRW.

Image credit: Rachel Harper

(in order of appearance)
Artist – Title – Album
Califone – Rooftop Static  Deceleration One
Califone – Night Falls  Deceleration One
Matmos – Rainbow Flag Supreme Balloon
Califone – Rooftop Static  Deceleration One
Matmos – Rainbow Flag  Supreme Balloon
Robert Black – Amok! IV  Evan Ziporyn: Gamelan Galak Tika
Philip Glass – Prophesies  Koyaanisqatsi
Clyde Casey‘s music
Phillip Glass  The Grid –  Koyaanisqatsi
Deerhoof – Desaparecere –  Milk Man
Mountains – Identical Ship – Centralia
Tim Hecker – Arctic Loner’s Rock Part 1 Haunt Me
Mountains – Map Table  Choral
Tim Hecker – Arctic Loner’s Rock, Part 1  Haunt Me
Moondog – Intro and Overtone Continuum  Elpmas
Moondog – 5/4 Snakebite Rattle  Moondog, the Viking of 6th Avenue, An Authorized Biography
Matmos – Rainbow Flag  Supreme Balloon

Published on: April 8, 2014

From: Episodes, Season 4

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