You can leave feedback (and/or a secret) on the listener hotline, at +1 929-SECRETS (929-732-7387). (Please do not use this line for anything business-y or it will probably be ignored.)

If you’re having suicidal thoughts, please call the National Suicide Hotline at +1 800 273-8255 (USA) or contact a suicide prevention center in your country (list here).


contact [at] loveandradio [dot] org

Film/TV rights:
Keya Khayatian (khayatiank [at] unitedtalent [dot] com) & Jasmin Lake (jasmine [at] unitedtalent [dot] com)


Do you accept pitches?

Yes! We love collaborating with new (and old) people. Email contact [at] loveandradio [dot] org. Please keep in mind we only accept a small percentage of pitches (which feels incredibly arrogant given what a small operation this is), so don’t feel bad if we think it’s not the right fit. Unless you’re a publicist who can’t write like a normal human, then you should feel very bad, and also go away.

Do you offer internships?

That’s adorable and kind of sad. Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer interning for, y’know, a professional-type organization where you might land a job at the end of your internship? But yes, occasionally we do put a call out for interns in Richmond, VA and New York City. However, it’s not on a regular schedule; we announce the intern application period on Facebook, Twitter, and our mailing list (below), so follow us there if you’re interested.

How much of Love + Radio is real?

The vast majority of what you hear on the show is real, or at least as real as we’re able to verify (and we do verify as much as can be reasonably expected). Use your best judgment, and don’t believe everything you hear, regardless of ‘fictionality.’