How to Argue

Daryl Davis, part 2

People are arguing. People are arguing in bars, on the bus, and in dining rooms — but mostly people are arguing online. And we have a lot to argue about at the moment. But the problem is, we’re not very good at it. We end up yelling at each other, digging into our respective ideological trenches, then retreating further into our cozy echo chambers.

So today, a special episode in two parts.

In Part I, we return to an old episode: The Silver Dollar, featuring Daryl Davis, a black musician who has made it his life’s work to befriend white racists.

In Part II, we pay Daryl a visit to see what he can tell us about how to successfully argue — or even just have a civil, critical conversation — with someone who holds opinions very different from your own. Think of it as a field guide to arguing.

Daryl’s book is Klandestine Relationships, and his website can be found here. Daryl is the subject of a new documentary film, Accidental Courtesy, available online later this month.

Published on: February 11, 2017

From: Episodes, Season 5

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