Points of Egress

Cynthia and Max

Image by Reem Ali-Adeeb

Cynthia finds her boyfriend Max’s journal. Hilarity ensues.

Performed by Cynthia Lotze and Peter Lang-Stanton. Written by Cynthia Lotze, Peter Lang-Stanton, and the L+R staff. Inspired by The Perfect Woman by Jess Shane, which originally aired on the CBC’s Love Me podcast.

(in order of appearance)
Artist – Title – Album
Fennesz – Tom – Station 1
Peter Lang-Stanton – Bokeh – Soundcloud
Sasha Funke – Mango – Mango
CFCF – Orage – The River EP
Ursula K. LeGuin & Todd Barton – A Music of the Eighth House – Music and Poetry of the Kesh
Lucrecia Dalt – Shergotite Rain – Anticlines

Published on: October 28, 2018

From: Episodes, Season 7

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