Such is the Way to the Stars

Richmond, Virginia

Image by Chris Visions

Richmond, Virginia: Sic Itur Ad Astra.


Producers: Nick van der Kolk, Steven Jackson, Rich Griset, Phil Dmochowski and Julia DeWitt.

Writer: Andrew Blossom

Narrator: Chioke I’Anson

Voice of William Byrd II: Simon Renshaw

Amazing Grace excerpt is from Transition Home, by Wesley Chavis.

Jack and the Bag of Death by Vixi Jill Glenn, recorded by John Freyer.

Portions of Goad Gatsby and Karen Coopers interviews are excerpted from the series Battle Flag, produced by Logan Jaffe and Zachary Sigelko.

Free Egunfemi, who told the story of Gabriel, is the founder of UntoldRVA, which organizes loads of tours and talks around town here.

Special thanks: Eleanor McDowall, Mark Holmberg, Chris Dovi, Leah Lamb, Jason Tongen, Brent Raper, Cynthia Lotze, and Jerry Williams (his Dirtwoman documentary is Spider Mites of Jesus).




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(in order of appearance)

Lobo Marino – Passing like the Setting Sun – The Mulberry House

Agnarkea – Germanic | Tajuu – Cold Feet, Numb Ankles

Agnarkea – Error – Survival

Labradford – El Lago – A Stable Reference

Pan•American – Het Volk – Quiet City

Pan•American – Remapping – Pan•American

Chino Amobi – Blackout – Paradiso

Agnarkea – Solar – Transhumanism

Stephen Vitiello & Molly Berg – From Here – Between You And The Shapes You Take

Labradford – Wien – Fixed::Context

Patrick Lovelace – High – Awakening Light

Patrick Lovelace – Deviousnesses – Awakening Light

Labradford – And Jonathan Morken. Photo Provided By – E Luxo So

Labradford – Comfort – A Stable Reference

Labradford – Eero – A Stable Reference

Stephen Vitiello & Molly Berg – Voice Loopsze – Between You And The Shapes You Take

Stephen Vitiello & Molly Berg – Five (was 5) – Between You And The Shapes You Take

Agnarkea – Third Eye – Transhumanism

Stephen Vitiello & Molly Berg – Clarinet Assembly – Between You And The Shapes You Take

Agnarkea – Awake (interlude) – Survival

[INTERLUDE] Lobo Marino – The Loon – The Mulberry House

Labradford – David – Fixed::ContextMusicians from Marlboro – String Quintet in C Major – Mozart

Musicians from Marlboro – Clarinet Quintet in A Major – Mozart

Labradford – Recorded And Mixed At Sound Of Music, Richmond, Va – E Luxo So

Agnarkea – Float – Radical/info.vol6

Yui Onodera & Stephen Vitiello – Quiver #7 – Quiver

Labradford – Phantom Channel Crossing – Labradford

Agnarkea – 28 Days No Vaccine – Survival

Pan•American – Inside Elevation – Quiet City

Chino Amobi – The Floating World pt. 1 – Paradiso

Elzbieta Sikora – Rhapsody For The Death Of The Republic (Excerpt) – Polish Radio Experimental Studio (1957-2003)

Agnarkea – Damned – Cold Feet, Numb Ankles

Labradford – Scenic Recovery – Labradford

Agnarkea – War Games – Psychopomp Surprise

Yui Onodera & Stephen Vitiello – Quiver #3 – Quiver

Pan•American – Lake Supplies – Pan•American

Agnarkea – Vast – Psychopomp Surprise

Aix Em Klemm – 3X2 (Exit) – Aix Em Klemm

Agnarkea – Bloodibloogiwoogi – Radical/info.vol6

Agnarkea – Then Gave Chase – Survival

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