Cathedrals Have a Body Count

Vanessa Place – Attorney, Artist

Image by Phil Jasen

There are few lawyer/performance artists in the world but, for Vanessa Place, practicing both is a logical marriage. Each relies on the sculpting of language, whether representing indigent sex offenders, or reciting relentless, uncomfortable work to a mortified audience.

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Produced by Mooj Zadie and Carter Conley, with Julia DeWitt, Steven Jackson, and Phil Dmochowski. Sound design and original score by Steven Jackson.


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Vanessa Place


Nick van der Kolk, Host and Director
Mooj Zadie, Producer
Carter Conley, Producer
Julia DeWitt, Producer
Steven Jackson, Producer
Phil Dmochowski, Managing Producer

Sound design and original score by Steven Jackson.

Published on: November 7, 2019

From: Episodes, Season 8

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