Thank You, Princess

Ceara Lynch – Humiliatrix

Ceara Lynch has a ten year career as a self-described humiliatrix, catering to a wide variety of sexual fetishes over the internet, and gaining exposure to a unique part of the human psyche.

Ceara’s website is here.

Special thanks to Julie Sabatier of the Rendered podcast.

(in order of appearance)
Artist – Title – Album

Manitoba (Caribou) – Dundas, Ontario (remix) – Give’r
Eat Tapes – Hard Reset – Sticky Buttons 
Eat Tapes – I’ve Become Cretin – Dos Mutantes
Eat Tapes – Vandervoom – Sticky Buttons
Lotic – Phlegm – Heterocetera
To Rococo Rot and I-Sound – She Tended to Forget
To Rococo Rot and I-Sound – I Wanted to Meet Him – Pantone EP
Manitoba (Caribou) – Dundas, Ontario (remix) – Give’r

Published on: March 25, 2015

From: Episodes, Season 4

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