Take It, It’s for You

Sara Juli: Artist, Money-Giver

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Sara Juli: Artist, Money-Giver

When Sara Juli decided her relationship with money was fucked up, she figured the only way to deal with it was to give it to you. Featuring Chris Ajemian, Sara’s husband and creative director.

(in order of appearance)
Title – Artist – Album
Silt – Electrostim – Optimist Park
Wake Up – Map Station – Verstion Train
Another Cup to Drown (early version) – The One Ensemble
Haackula – Bruce Haack – Haackula
The House I Was Isn’t My Girlfriend’s Porche – Dan Deacon – Silly Hat vs. Egale Hat
As If – Kim Hiorthøy – Melke
Skuggan – Kim Hiorthøy – My Last Day
All Summer in a Day – Frank Bretschneider – Rhythm

Published on: February 14, 2008

From: Episodes, Season 1


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