The Recruiter

Rob Navarro – Gospel Singer, Online Entrepreneur

Image by Frank Okay

Rob Navarro has been a gospel singer, the voice of Spanish-language Ronald McDonald, and, most recently, one of the most successful gay pornographers in America.

This piece is a collaboration with KCRW’s Welcome to LA with David Weinberg.

(in order of appearance)
Artist – Title

Santo & Johnny – Indian Reservation
La Revolucion de Emiliano Zapata – Nasty Sex
Heritage Singers – A Broken Heart
Fernando Quinde – Jesus Loves A Loser
Heritage Singers – Never Say Goodbye
Fernando Quinde – Road to Salvation
Shinichiro Yokota – Right Here! Right Now!
E Ruscha V – The Hostess
7FO – Forest of Old Cloth
Kangding Ray – Nn/Peaks
Harold Budd – Bismillahi ‘Rrahmani ‘Rrahim
E Ruscha V – Carried Away
Kate NV – Dance
Kate NV – как HOW
Phillip Sollmann – Stately, Yes
Riohv – Just Relax (Downtown Mix)
Kate NV – yxo EAR
X.Y.R. – Warm Pulsations
E Ruscha V – Lights Passing By
Ellen Arkbro – Mountain of Air
Kate NV – кто WHO


The Recruiter
Rob Navarro – Gospel Singer, Online Entrepreneur

This episode is a co-production with the podcast Welcome To LA. It also features very explicit descriptions of sex.

Rob Navarro: When I was a kid, when I was young, actually my dad took us to see the movie Tora! Tora! Tora! That was the call that the Japanese had, on December 7th 1941 I think it was, when they were coming into Pearl Harbor. “Tora! Tora! Tora!” I was, pfff… ten? My dad, weeks before it came out was talking about it. And I was excited about it because my dad was excited about it. We went to Grauman’s Chinese Theatre. I was blown away. Since then, we would go to every war movie. I saw Platoon. Platoon was a fantastic movie. It exemplifies the spirit of patriotism in a very, very real real way. You’re in this hole with your friend. You’re protecting your–it was that whole idea that was introduced to me, sealed the deal for me, you know, that was everything I was looking for. Very in awe of the military, absolutely.


Marine 1: I decided to do the Marine Corps because once I talk to a recruiter, he told me like we actually do the toughest shit.

Marine 2: Whatever it takes, it takes. It’s all about the mission.

Rob: They’re the toughest of the military that we have.

Marine 2: When you’re at wars you have to kill the enemy, and you know what, when it comes down to it in real life, I want to take as many as I can.

Marine 1: I don’t want to die. But at the end of the day, if I have to, to save my boys to the left and right, I’m going to do that.

Rob: What they do, if you really think about what they do, is that they, they stand up for what’s right.

[Many will hear the calling.]

The types of guys that I recruit–

[Few will earn the title.]

They don’t have very many opportunities offered to them, that are able to turn it around with the military.

[United States Marines.]

That’s why I have this respect.

[The few.]

And this reverence.

[The proud.]

For the marines.

[The marines.]

We talked a lot about patriotism before, and I was wondering if you could talk about what patriotism means to you, and when you say you’re patriotic for America, what does America mean to you?

America means to me is opportunity. In every sense of the word, every sense of the word. And my dad heard about it in Ecuador where he lived, he came out to America without us because he couldn’t afford to take us. He was able to get a job right away, he was able to get visas for Mom and us right away. No formal education, none whatsoever. He worked hard though, and that’s what he left about America, is that if you come here and you work hard, then you will get rewarded. He had a patriotism for the United States. To the T. When he first moved here, it was all about the US, the military, president of the United States. He was all about it. Everything’s Uncle Sam.

We were typical American Kids, he gave us you know the American dream. I was going to a Seventh Adventist college and I had a Christian rock band. At that time drums and bass were really satanic, but I had them. You know, I was always rebellious. And I was singing my own Christian songs and I had this concert. It was a rock concert. So it was controversial. And everyone in the school went, it’s not a lot of people, two thousand I think was our college, but, it was a small college, but just about everyone went to this concert of mine. So that brought this director of the group The Heritage Singers. It’s this choral group, they toured worldwide, had been for twenty-some-odd years.  All religious songs, gospel songs. And they came up to me after the concert, and they asked me up to Heritage Ranch–this big ranch in Placerville, huge ranch–to come up there for the weekend and give my testimony and sing a song at one of their concerts.

Heritage Singers Director: Our special guest today is Fernando Quinde. Fernando welcome to the show, we’re glad to have you.

Rob: This song is the very first song that I’ve ever written. Ever written! Da da da da. So it’s very personal, it’s very basic, it’s very emotional, but there’s a story behind it. When I was in college, I was nineteen, here, just listen to it and see.

Director: Why don’t you share with us your testimony.

Rob in video: Well, it’s been about almost three and a half years now since I’ve had Guillain-Barre syndrome. It was a muscle weakening disease that I had. I have lost almost all my weight, and was unable to walk. 

Rob singing: Are you growing sad and weary?

Rob in video: I finally went to go see a neurologist in Los Angeles California.

Rob singing: Do you feel like giving in?

Rob in video: He told me that all of the nerves in my muscles and my entire body had died.

Rob singing: Are the roads in life too narrow?

Rob in video: There was no cure for the disease. It could very easily move to the muscles in my lungs.

Rob singing: Are you buried under seas?

Rob in video: So I went home that night and closed myself off from the rest of the world, including God.

Rob singing: And did you ever feel like losing?

Rob in video: That night something happened that–

Rob singing: Don’t give up.

Rob in video: I think medically can’t be explained.

Rob singing: Jesus loves you anyway.

Rob in video: Because I woke up the next day and I sat up.

Rob singing: By the power in his blood,

Rob in video: Stood up and I begin to walk.

Rob singing: who died for you.

Rob in video: And I believe in all my heart that was a miracle of God.

Rob singing: And he washed you clean from sin.

Rob in video: In spite of the fact that I close the door.

Rob singing: Cause Jesus loves a loser,

Rob in video: He was still there outside.

Rob singing: cause he makes the loser win.

What’s going through your mind?

Rob: He’s talking to me right now [sniff]. It’s weird [sniff]. Purpose, meaning, my life. You know, it’s gone so many different directions [sniff]. It’s sometimes confusing. But um, I had God to rely on, so. It helped. It makes you think that there is somebody who in spite of everything that, you know, it’s going on with you, is going to still wanna pick you up.

Rob singing: Cause Jesus loves a loser. Oh yes, Jesus loves a loser. Cause he makes the loser win. Makes him win.

Rob: So that night the director came up to me and he sat me down and he goes,”You know, we’d like to have you join our group and be tenor, would you like to sing tenor for the Heritage Singers?” I said, “Sure.” I didn’t really know the potential of that at that beginning, because I didn’t know the group very very well, I was into my Christian rock and this was definitely not Christian rock [laugh]. This was, it was more inspirational, gospel, good down-home, you know, tenor, alto, bass, good stuff. When I perform, I do this in my movies too, I exude this confidence, and I go out there and I just do. And that’s what I did. This how a performer needs to be, so I’m going to sing, you know, and the singers had to raise their hand with the microphone and sing it to the Lord. I toured with them for four and a half years. Twenty-two countries, worldwide. God it’s crazy, just the things that I’ve seen and done with this group.

This is probably one of the three top twenty hits I had on Christian radio back in the 90s. It’s called road to Salvation. I wanted to become this Christian rockstar is what I wanted to do. A lot of the songs that I wrote are crossover songs, they’re songs that, you know, you can be taken one way or another. So I really was doing things that a lot of the Christian groups at that time just weren’t doing, and that is going the extreme. It was a look, it was a persona, it was an image, it, commercialized is what I called it, it went completely commercial. That was actually the beginning of my business life, was when I became that Christian rock singer. I would call the radio stations at another person and I would tell them to play Fernando’s latest hit. And back then there was only like fifteen reporting radio stations, so you only had to convince fifteen people to play your record. And I was able to do it, I did it with another person. So I would make these calls, convince these radio stations to chart my songs, I actually charted the records. Two hundred thousand records maybe we sold? I had launched my own independent label, I had a warehouse in Pasadena, I had a van, we were touring and the label was doing good and the dancers were getting paid really well, and people were playing our records. It was starting to grow.

And all of a sudden, now my life shifted from Christian music to–

Rob in advertisement: Amigos, at El Torito you don’t just get any combos, you get ultimate combos. Like a cheese enchilada, a chicken burrito, a beef taco, all for just $7.99. But way amigos, there’s more! You also get tortilla soup, and to top it off, fried ice cream. All this for just $7.99! So get the ultimate value on ultimate combos at El Torito. It’s the ultimate!

Rob: I was in my early thirties, so this was acting days, yeah. I did commercials and voiceovers. Eighty commercials. I think I got like eighty commercials. You know, you shoot one commercial, guess what, if it’s a national you get residuals for like thirteen weeks. And then if it’s a big national, if it’s a beer commercial, then, pff, forget it! You know, and I did a few of those. I was the voice of Ronald McDonald in Spanish. They put me in one of those stupid suits and stuff. “Yo aqui Ronald McDonald…” and so I was this whole sort of personified Spanish, but in a very, you know this guy is smart, you know he has a, he’s got depth to him.

I would get five or six commercials in a year, and I would make forty thousand dollars, and I wouldn’t have to worry too much. That gave me the liberty and the freedom to get crazy. I would go to auditions, and that I would go to happy hour at five. I was in West Hollywood two or three times a week. I mean it, it was a flip switch, I was, I had dove into the whole lifestyle completely. Whew, I flew out the closet. Like a kid in a candy store! I was definitely on a mission to conquest. It was just all about the sex and all these beautiful men. I got to have the mall! There’s not enough time! I literally sometimes would think, damn if I did want a day, that’s three hundred sixty-five a year… it’s going to take me a long time to do a thousand. I better step it up. You know, I need more than one! That’s the craziness. It was bad. It was bad. I dated Anderson Cooper.

You dated Anderson Cooper?

Yeah I dated Anderson Cooper like, before he was Anderson Cooper really. He was like twenty-eight. And he had long blond hair, he didn’t have white hair yet, he had blond hair. We met at the bar, he picks me up, we go back to his place, get intimate. I think it was more of a friends with benefits that eventually fizzled out because at that point I was on a mission. Conquest mission. But I didn’t know he was famous, so I, you know I was like, next!

Throughout my relationships, and I’ll be quite honest with you, um, I would be really into the relationships that I was into it first, and then you would kind of this bliss would kind of end, or subside, and then all of the sudden, you know, you’re having to still be sexually attraction to that person, and it becomes difficult, because you no longer look at them that way, or in a sexual way, or in a horny way, you kind of look at them now as in a loving way and a caring way. So I didn’t have, I was totally effed up on, on those things. And so I would lose it right away, and then I would want to go find it somewhere else. And so porno of course was the perfect solution.

The first time I popped in a tape of Bobby Garcia. I was in a porn adult bookstore, and I discovered, I go into this back and there’s this wall of pictures of Marines. Just hot Marines, and I’m like woah, you know. And there was this forty-something year old Filipino guy who is servicing these guys, and it just blew me away that this guy was with these beautiful, I couldn’t understand it. This dude takes Marines, telling them that, you know, they’re going to be auditioning for straight porn. He’s interviewing one Marine, he’s got four in the lobby, you can hear them in the background. “Hey Bobby! Where’s the beer?” you know.

Bobby Garcia: Do you want to have Pepsi or Coke?

Marine: No, I’m fine.

Rob: They all knew that they were auditioning for porn, they just didn’t know that Bobby was going to handsy grabs them. And that there really wasn’t any straight porn, it really was just a, a front. And he has kind of an accent, he talks like this, in a Filipino accent, he goes, “We’re gonna do a little interview here. If you do really well here, you know, I can get you some beautiful pussy, and you just need to show me that you can perform. You know, how many times can you come?” That was a big question. “How many times can you come?” “Oh I don’t know, you know, three or four.” “Oh that’s it? Well, how much time do you need in between? Five minutes, five, ten minutes, is that all you need?” “Oh yeah, that’s all I need.” “Okay, good, good, good, good, good. You’re going to be a big star. Big star.”

Bobby: Okay, take your dress off.

Rob: And so they get up, take their clothes off, they sit back into the bed.

Bobby: Take your underwear off.

Rob: And they spread out, and he goes, “I want you to spread your legs, and I want you to make your cock look pretty, I’m get it nice and big and hard, make it nice and hard.”

Bobby: Make it nice and hard like your cock is ready to go to war.

Rob: “You’re very beautiful, and you have a very nice cock.”

Bobby: Make your cock ready to kill somebody.

Rob: “Get it hard for the camera, tease the camera, think it’s a girl,” you know and he would do all these things to get them hyped up.

Bobby: Yeah, watch the movie, like that.

Rob: They’re watching straight porn, straight pussy porn, I mean it’s, ha.

Bobby: Okay, you’re doing great.

Rob: So they would start, and then he’d bring baby oil. [Laugh].

Bobby: You like baby oil, or you no like too much?

Rob: So he had this bottles baby oil! And he’d bring the bottle of baby oil and he just squirt it all over the dude’s cock, and it’s shiny and dripping off his weiner, and he’s sitting there stroking it.

Bobby: Show me your cock.

Rob: And sure enough–

Bobby: Show it to the camera.

Rob: These dudes would get hard, you know.

Bobby: You’re doing great here, just like that.

Rob: Once they’re hard, then he would mosey his way on over there again and this time he’d be saying, well we need to get a measurement.

Bobby: That’s it, give me some good juicy hard cock.

Rob: He’d start to stroke it a little to make sure it’s hard.

Bobby: Outstanding. Outstanding.

Rob: “This is the way you have to stroke it, you have to stroke it like this. Like this.”

Bobby: Show it to the camera. Okay. Good. Keep going the way you are.

Rob: Pretty soon, the guy, you know. Pretty soon Bobby’s got his mouth on it! And the dudes like, doesn’t even know it’s happening. You know he’s still watching the porn. Bobby’s going a hundred miles an hour, and that’s how they come.

Once I saw a Bobby Garcia and what he was doing, I was obsessed with that. I couldn’t get over how beautiful these men were. And how straight they were. And how tough, and I mean, you don’t want to get them pissed off. You don’t want to get these guys pissed off. So to see them in that kind of a position was mind-boggling to me. I go, I want to have that. Whatever he, I want to have that. I want to have that. I became so obsessed with these Marines that I would drive down to San Diego Oceanside probably three times a week, and I would go into Oceanside downtown, and there’s this little part of town, there’s an adult bookstore there, and there is a bar across the street. Fridays and Saturday nights, just packed with Marines. They’re spilling out, you know one thirty in the morning, drunk as a skunk. Marines are walking down the bookstore, they go because there’s movie booths back there, so you could go in there and you get to see movies, and they’re drunk. So they’d go in there, I would be parked outside in front of the adult bookstore. I wouldn’t go to the bar, I’d go in front of the bookstore. And I would just stand there making sure that the guys that went into the back, I was able to talk to as they were coming out. I said, you know, do you want to blow job? You know, they would be, they’d–

That was the first thing you said, you just walk up to someone, like, “Do you want a blowjob?”

Yeah! Yeah, “Do you want a blow job?”

Some of them, of course, they would say, “Get the fuck out of here, what, you faggot, you–” but–

And you didn’t present as a fellow Marine, you wouldn’t have like a Marine haircut?

No, no, no, no, I was making no, no insinuations that I was military whatsoever. I was just there to service that dude. And he would go back there, he would go to the booth. I would follow him a few minutes later. And I would blow him right there while he watched the porn. I was getting more noise than yeses, but I was beginning to realize that these guys, you know, if you just talk to them, if you come at them evenly and square, then they appreciate that, especially Marines. They’re the grunts. They’re the devil dogs, they’re the… so they’ll kick your ass. But the interesting thing about that is, a marine, you know, will give his life for the guy next to him, that’s his pal, his comrade, his buddy. I realize that if I got that same kind of camaraderie and respect from the Marine, guess what, he’s open to do, he’s open to do things.

I did that for, for, pfff, almost a year. And that was so easy, because the online thing made it really easy to meet these guys now, Craigslist, ooh man. And I would say, “Hey, I’m a, [laugh], I’m a straight guy. But I’ll suck your dick.”

You’d say “I’m straight.”

Yeah, but I’ll suck your dick, and I’ll give you a hundred bucks. So, you know, if you’re interested, here’s my number, da da da, and I would get calls back. And then, you know, of course I’d get all kinds of rejections. And I thought, ah okay, let’s soften the blow, put a girl chick in front of it and I’ll just, and so next I would say. “Hey baby,” you know, “Hey baby, me and my boyfriend are looking for a third and I love watching guys with other guys. It turns me on like you wouldn’t believe. So we really want a guy that’s serious, but every guy that we keep getting over here chickens out and only wants to do me and doesn’t want to do him, and we can’t have that. We need someone that’s going to do something with him. Okay? So if we can work that out, then you can have me.” And, they went for it! They went for it!

She never was there. She never appeared. She never materialized. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, that was terrible. Uh, but, the interesting thing is, they would call back themselves wanting to come back, even if there’s no girl. They figured out what happened, and they just didn’t care, because the money was good and the head was good.

Even out of his uniform you can always tell when he’s a Marine. Because they’re corn-fed dudes from the midwest, they don’t, they’re not from California, they don’t know, you know, style. It’s the conservative look, and the shaved head, you know the high and tight, nice and clean and, they got a little top, maybe half inch up. It’s in ripped muscles, tattoos, the farmer’s tan. It’s in hair in the right places. A woman flows, soft movements, and with a man it’s just, it’s, it’s tough, like a soldier. You know, beautiful, beautiful soldier. And then, you know, they don’t say much. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, suck my dick, man.” You know there’s this whole, there’s, it’s a very machoistic persona. I love it. They’re grunts, you know.

Is dumb hot?

Dumb is always hot, are you kidding? Cause dumb, dumb works out at the gym. [Laugh]. Dumb has muscles, dumb looks like, you know, cute little farm boy, you know, that uy uy uy. Easy to manipulate. Very easy to manipulate. I mean, I negotiated great prices with these guys.

I became confident in my ability to talk to these guys and to be able to get them to do that, so I go, why not take it to the internet? The name of my website is military classified dot-com. In the matter of a year, I had a five thousand membership. Twenty-nine ninety-five a month per person, so multiply that by about five thousand. And that’s what I was getting every month. Very low overhead, extremely low overhead. So it’s my fifteenth year online, I’ve been online since 2004. It’s become a brand, we are number one in our genre, and we’re number six in the world. In porn. Gay porn.

Alright so, we’re gonna watch a video. Let’s go to the website. Okay, this guy is totally a looker. It’s a grower, not a shower. I just got weird teeth too kind of, but I don’t know, I found him very sexy. He’s totally glued into the poor in there.

That is that look of, just like, it makes me so uncomfortable to see that! It’s just like, that poor guy!

See and, you know why, because now he’s hard, and he’s like, why am I hard?

He looks freaked out.

Yes. He’s afraid to look down. That’s funny. He’s like, god, people don’t do this to my weiner. I gotta look down. No, no, I won’t. No I won’t. Steadfast Marine. [Laugh]. But that’s it, you know I mean, these guys, that, that, that’s what attracted me to these guys.


It’s, it’s, because I placed them in such a place, a very confident, masculine, macho, straight Marine in a very vulnerable position of, of where I’m in control, and they’re uncomfortable. And confused by why, you know, why, why am I coming so hard? You know, it’s like. And he is trying so hard not to show that he came, but he came already, he just came. Now he’s like, whoa. Look at his face. “Whoah, that was an orgasm.” I mean, look at him. This guy, he did two movies just like that. Where he would freak out and have that stare through the whole thing, and then at the end just, snap out of it.



Can I just ask you why you always wear a baseball cap in the movies?

Cause I think I always wanted to also evoke a macho, masculine personality towards the guys, because I didn’t want them to think of me as weak. I want, I want them to take me seriously.

How do you find the men?

Rob: Uh, today many sources. I search them out in dirty places where people go to meet.

Marine 2: So I was on this dating site called Scout and–

Marine 1: And I found this site, and it’s known as Sexy Jobs dot-com.

Marine 2: I was looking for women initially, and I–

Marine 1: Created my profile. Put some good pictures on there. He, he texted me.

Marine 2: We started talking, just talking about things.

Rob: Do you want to make money in porn, question mark. In caps, bold.

Marine 2: And then I was like, well, I’m no business guy, he’s a business guy.

Rob: I entice them with three hundred dollars. “If you come in here, whether you’re hired or not you’re going to make three hundred dollars. All you gotta do is match the photo you sent.”

Marine 1: I’ve got the energy, the stamina, and I was like, you know what, with all this, let me try to put this to work.

Rob: But you do not work with women, you never work with women. That is why you’re being offered a grand, dude! I need straight guys who want to make money. I don’t need straight guys who want to get laid, if you want to get laid, then fine, this is not, this is not your deal for you.

Marine 1: And I was like, fuck. Is this really what I want to do, cause I just wanted to do straight adult videos. Me with a girl, that’s it.

Marine 2: And I was like, okay, well I think I can do that, I fit the profile. I could use a little extra money, so why not just try it.

Marine 1: I’m straight. But I wanted to experience it. I’m not really afraid to do it, I’m open, and then plus, I wanted to make some extra, you know, stash on the side, so I didn’t see why not. I didn’t see why not.

Marine 2: Did I ever think I would do gay for pay? No, I never once even considered it, um, I’m straight. But I can bend a little bit for the right price. But just a little bit, so.

Marine 1: I went in, had a few drinks cause I just wanted to be in the mood.

Rob: I always have the porn playing already. Straight porn. Cause I want them relaxing.

Marine 1: I found the videos that I could use, I found my favorite pornstar, Rachel Starr. I actually want to make a film with her one day, hopefully. But–

Rob: Once they’re relaxed then I can be more, uh, persuasive.

Marine 1: I played with myself, Rob took pictures. “Turn around. Bend over.” He took more pictures. All, with clothes, without clothes, with a t-shirt, with just trousers, with just underwear.

Rob: So, I sit them down.

Marine 1: Sat down on a couch.

Rob: I start asking them questions that are very simple.

Rob in video: What’s your age, your height, and your weight?

Marine 1 in video: So, I’m twenty-three years old, I’m five-nine, and I weigh a hundred eighty pounds.

Rob: But then I get into the girls, and I’d start to ask them about–

Rob in video: So what types of chicks do you like?

Rob:–types of girls they like.

Marine 1 in video: Thick girls.

Rob in video: Thick girls. Okay. Alright, so big booty girls?

Rob: “What’s your favorite sexual position?”

Marine 1 in video: Usually I like missionary. I’m destroying the pussy and I can look her eyes and then face and see how she reacts.

Rob: “How old are you when you lost your virginity?”

Marine 1 in video: I was a twenty-one year old man when I lost my virginity.

Rob: “What’s the weirdest place you’ve jacked off? Is there a fantasy you haven’t done that you’d like to do? How many notches on your bedpost, are you single digits, double digits, three digits, how many have you been?” And it loosens them up. The viewers want to kind of know a little bit about the straight guy and how he, how he ticks I guess.

Marine 1 in video: I’ve been told that, hey, you know if you do it from behind it actually goes deeper, and I was like, I thought, I thought fucking missionary goes deeper, like. It does, but like, doggie style, there’s nothing preventing…

Marine 1: He told me, “I just want you to sit, play with yourself a little bit, and I’m going to start, you know, playing with your dick.”

Rob: I literally get on my knees and walk my way on my knees to him. It’s almost kind of in a submissive, in a submissive way, in a very reverent way.

Marine 1: He gave me a handjob, blowjob for quite some time, cause, it took a while for me to, you know, finish.

Rob: I notice that sometimes a model, when he’s really nervous, will just stare at the porn. Then he’d look down, and if he saw me looking at him, he’d get really nervous and weird, and he’d look at me, and then he’d look back up, and then he’d act weird, and I’m like, okay, I made them uncomfortable. And so I look away. And let my head be away. Then I close my eyes when I do it, and I don’t look at him.

What was going through your mind when he was going down on you?

Marine 1: Honestly, not a lot, I was just, cause I was just watching porn and I liked it.

Rob: They’d begin to lose themselves because I was relentless. If you’re giving blowjobs year after year after year, you develop your skills, you home them, you hone in on them.

Marine 2: Rob’s blowjobs, as compared to most other women, he really does put in an all-out effort.

Rob: I go into the regions below the base of the wiener, all the way down to where your booty is, to where your butthole is. It’s like I go this complete [laugh] from bottom to top. And I don’t miss a spot.

Marine 2: It took him forever to make me come, not because he wasn’t skilled, just because I’m naturally a long-lasting person. Uh, I’d have to say, he is up there with probably the top two or three, um, blowjobbers I’ve ever encountered.

Rob: And it goes faster and faster and faster, and pretty soon the guy gives gives me, “I’m about to come,” and all my cameras are angled correctly for the, for the money shot. Whammo.

Marine 1: The problem of head so far is, you know like, finishing. And so I need to work a little bit on that because I’m barely, you know producing the sperm, the cum.

Rob: A lot, quantity is great. [Laugh]. So prepare, I tell them.

Marine 1: I try not to jack off. I try not to have sex. You know, build up some come, drink whatever I need to drink, I like orange juice. Make it more whiter and stronger. And so like, when I shoot out, the camera should be able to catch and see a good amount of cum, and people should be able to see it.

Rob: Because that’s what guys want to see. That’s the, come on, that’s the epitome of masculinity. Urrhhh, he’s able to nail that sucker five times! Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom! Five gushers! Hard to do. A Marine can do it. A Marine can do it.

Marine 1: And I’m looking forward to a big one next time. I don’t know what it is yet, and I can’t tell you yet, but he says we’re going to be a big one, so we’ll see. He’s told me to be very prepared. I want Rob to actually be satisfied with my performance.

Are you willing to go beyond just blowjobs?

Marine 1: I am willing to go beyond blowjobs.

Rob: Blowjobs will go between six and eight hundred. Uh, and the anal scenes go from eight to a thousand. In rare instances I’ve paid more than that, but it’s all based on performance.

Marine 2: I’ve been doing it for over a year now, so we’ve been progressively going up a little bit increments in the pay scale, and that’s really what keeps me doing it. The last time I shot was, I got a thousand dollars. This time it’s going to be slightly higher.

Rob: And so they just keep saying yes, and then all the sudden, you know, they’re fucking me. [Laugh]. We’ve gone from a solo, to a handjob, to a blowjob, to the anal.

Marine 2: The last time I had to lick his, his… ass. And that wasn’t something that was easy, it’s still not going to be easy. I don’t do that. That was the first time.

Rob: And it’s this progression that I put them through, and each time I’m raising the ante, and so it’s easy for them just to say yes, even if they’ve never done it ever before, which is the case with a few of them.

Marine 2: Today is just gonna be something I’m gonna need a blindfold for, just because it’s something I never thought I would do.

And, can you tell me what it is?

I don’t wanna tell you on camera.

Rob: So it’s just, it’s a process. [Laugh].

Marine 2: Some women have been turned on knowing that I’ve done gay for pay porn, because they consider that, you’re the alpha, like not all men are created equal, you know, there’s men that are just straight up bottoms, and then there’s the tops, but then there’s rankings in the tops, some tops will bend. I will not bend. And I’ve been on the top of the top. Women like that.

What about the risk that it poses for them, you know, it’s, they could be court-martialed, they could get in a lot of trouble for this, do you worry about that?

Rob: Oh yeah. One of my models, in fact one of my popular models, Bobby. Six months from being released from the Marines. Within those six months, his commanding officer found out that he had done movies with me because of a girlfriend that told his superiors about the website, and so he came to me actually, and he said, you know, “Help me.” [Laugh]. “If they get ahold of these movies, they’re going to not only dishonorably discharge me, but they’re going to, you know, prosecute me.” For him, it would have been all of his benefits as a Marine, because you know that he joined to, to get benefits, he joined to better his life. Bobby, he has two daughters, he had a wife at the time, [Laugh]. Uy uy uy, so, he really, he really, I mean, I couldn’t do, I couldn’t do it to him, so, so I took him off the website. Number one guy, he had like twelve movies. I took him off the website for eight weeks. And during that time is when the military was doing their investigation about it. And they had to have proof of it, and they couldn’t get it obviously because he wasn’t on there. And so they couldn’t prove it. So, the investigation was closed. He got his benefits, got a house, he’s divorced. Still loves his daughters. Did a comeback here at the website as a sort of reprisal. He still likes women, and is with a girl now, actually, he’s going to marry. And you see that in war movies too, you’re always for the underdog, and you want to see that underdog come out of that peril, you know, because when you’re in war, you know, there’s always a winner and a loser, but you want to see that winner have it hard first, and then win, you know.

What would happen to you if the Marines found out about you being in these porn films?

Marine 1: Well, I probably wouldn’t get in trouble, but there might be an investigation, like why am I doing this? But, I really don’t see a problem with it. It’s just me trying to make extra money on the side. Like being in the porn industry is not like me having sex with prostitutes, that’s a different thing. If I did that, that’s, that’s a big deal.

So you think if they found out they wouldn’t do anything to you?

They should not.

Isn’t it against the rules to? Doesn’t it make the Marines look bad?

Not really. I don’t see how that would make the Marine Corps look bad. If I went out and tried to fight someone, that makes the Marines look bad. But, it’s just another job out here that’s somehow legal, and I should not get in trouble for that. If you sign the proper documentation, you can send to it and the person you’re doing it with consents to it, and the person filming it consents to it, I don’t see why you should get in trouble for that, you shouldn’t. And I shouldn’t. And I, I’m not.

Do any of your fellow Marines know about this?

No. Nobody, I want to keep it to myself until somebody mentions it, “Hey man, I wanna do porn,” and I would be like, “You know what? I got you.”

How do you think they would react?

They’d probably be like, “Okay, cool, whatever.” Cause Marines, we’ve seen some fucked up shit.

Like what?

Well, just like stuff I really don’t want to talk about. But, it’s, wouldn’t be a big surprise, that’s pretty much my point. It would not be a big surprise to them.

Are you worried that if people see it, they’ll think you’re gay?

I’m not worried about it. They can think what they think. I know I’m straight. I’m not gay. You might ask, “Are you bi?” but I’m not. Either. I’m just a straight guy but I’m do, I can do gay for pay too or gay scenes. I’m paying my own bills, I’m making my money, I’m using my own body. Fuck you, fuck off. And number two, I like it.

You like doing gay for pay.

Yeah. Yeah.

What is it that you like about it?

I broke the comfortability zone. It’s just like, I can’t believe I actually opened up to this, and once I get in the mood, and especially after I get like a little shot from Rob, and as I just like, this is just–

What do you mean a little shot?

A drink. And I just fall into it, I’m just like, this is just awesome. There’s nothing wrong with this.

What are your personal views on homosexuality?

If that’s the way you are, that’s the way you are, I really don’t want to see it so much in public, just because I don’t want you to promote it. Um, I have a daughter and I wouldn’t want her seeing that kind of behavior if I could keep her from it. I’d rather if she were gonna be that, that it’s naturally, that’s the way she is, it’s not because she’s influenced by her outside sources. I would be a little bit disappointed if she were, just because I’m not sure if I’m going to have another one, and I want to have a family, so I would be somewhat disappointed. But that’s just for my own daughter. 

Um, it is true that gay people do recruit other people to be gay, and that’s because gay people are attracted to straight people. So they, they get their best orgasms from straight people. So that’s, that part’s true. As far as me and Rob, I like hanging with him as a person just because he’s, he’s a fun guy. But as far as me turning to have feelings for men, I could never do that. I, I can’t kiss a man if I tried, I couldn’t do it blindfolded.

Rob: Obviously when I do my movies, you know, if you look at them, I don’t get, I don’t get satisfied, you know. The guy comes and it’s my job to make sure that he comes and gets off, and, you know, I of course will go off sometimes after these movies and I’ll, uh, watch my own movies to get off, and that’s how I kind of, that’s how I keep my sanity. Uh, because they don’t want to see my penis, these marines, they don’t wanna see me get off, they don’t wanna see me stroking myself while I’m servicing them. It really makes them uncomfortable, and that’s kind of become the standard. That of course makes you, do you want more in life, is this all you want, are you happy with this? And I think that’s why I’ve latched onto Cat so much, because Cat really gets a lot of that, that Rob didn’t get. Cat’s able to grab all that stuff.

Let me see if I can do it, ehem. “Hey, my name is Cat. How are you? Oh wow, really? No way. Oh my god, really?” That kind of, so it’s in that character. That coupled with the look, and um, I’ll show it to you, you’re going to be probably, surprised. I don’t have a desire to be a woman, I’m just obsessed with, with straight men for some reason and I will do just about anything to attract them. Makeup, Kardashian look with the smokey eyes, I had the whole thing, laser removed all my hair, I have no hair. Except for my private part. But everything else is laser-removed smooth. Like a woman’s skin. Guys tell me, “Oh, you got smoother, more smoother skin than my girlfriend!” And I got real hair wigs, I’ve got these silicone breasts that attach with medical adhesive. And I call this person Cat, Catarina, she’s got her own personality, her own history, her own everything because the guys want to know about her. Put up an ad on Craigslist, put up there, I wasn’t lying, I wasn’t saying I’m a real girl, I told them this is what you get. I got eighty, ninety, also almost a hundred responses overnight. And I’m like what the hell.

Whereas Rob Navarro, the Marine came over, sat down, got his dick sucked, got the money and left, he didn’t even pay attention to you. Cat, they want to lick your ass, they want to suck your toes, they want to lick your legs, I got, I’ve had the bottom of my feet… It’s just bizarre, the behavior that they do, so, but they freely do it, knowing that I have a penis, seeing that I have a penis, and just saying, I like it, it’s hot, you’re feminine enough for me that I can disregard the penis.

Are they, they’re sucking your cock also?

Yeah, that’s what’s so bizarre is that, but it’s a she-cock, so as long as it’s a female cock, you know, they have their own penis, they know how to operate it, they know how it works, they know what to do, they’re not disgusted by penises! They love their own, every man loves his own penis. So it’s not like you’re disgusted by penis, so if it’s surrounded by no hair, a beautiful nice shapely hips, some boobs and a nice than waist oh, that’s pretty hot actually. You know, and that’s what the guy says, that’s pretty hot. It’s pretty, it’s feminine. That’s what they want. I can, I could tape probably, a thousand hot Marines who want to screw a tranny. Make it kind of like a Craigslist experience, yeah just, four cameras, the guy walks in the door, never seen the tranny before, only his photos. He walks into the room, and the cameras roll, and it’s, what happens happens. So, I am at that crossroads now where, I’m at the stage where I’ve tested this enough, you know now I can bring it to tape.

Marine 1: See Rob is very inspiring. He’s the man, he’s the dude, he is the guy. That’s why I want to keep working with the man.

He’s a millionaire.

Are you serious?

You know how much money he made on that fucking thing? Oh my god, yeah. Rob makes, uh, he’s making by my calculations about, I think 1.5, 1.4 million dollars a year from his website.

That’s crazy. I didn’t know that, I didn’t know that, I’m not gonna lie. But that’s very, I’m impressed, I’m impressed. [Laugh] Very, I’m very impressed. Uff.

Do you feel like you should pay you a little more? [Laugh]

I’m not gonna ask for it until it feels right. Because so far it’s been going up, and for the next one he told me it’s gonna be a little higher, because this one is going to probably be a grand or eight, I don’t know. That’s a lot of money for me, it still helps me get through when I want to do right now, because my name is eventually gonna get up there. I’m so looking forward to having, you know, like girl on guy scenes, I would like definitely to go down on a girl and have her go down on me and then just destroy her on camera. You know, that’s what I want to do. And she likes it, she enjoys it too. And I enjoy it too. And the viewers enjoy the video. There you go, everybody gets paid. Everybody gets paid, everybody’s happy.

Are you the most financially successful member of your family?

Rob: Yes. I am. And it’s been a blessing because I’ve been able to do things for them that no one’s been able to do, you know we gone on vacations, when was to Hawaii, I took my entire family. This nice Turtle Resort, Turtle Ranch Resort, it was off the coast of Oahu,beautiful place, we rented a condo for a week and did everything we’ve never done as a family. It was wonderful. My parents never really had a wedding because they couldn’t afford it, so they never ever had this wedding, and so, I’m like, “Let’s do this family reunions thing in Hawaii and we’ll get them to renew their vows, it’s been fifty years, we got to do something special for the 50 years!” you know. And so, “No, it’s too expensive, da da da,” and I say, “Well what if all that was taken care of,” and so we got, I got them all on board, and I got my parents on board, and we did it. It was just us kids, it was outdoors, everybody was in tears. It was a great moment. It was worth it, just for that. Because they, you could see, everyone was just, it was happy, it was happiness, it was bliss. Bliss. I’m getting emotional about it [laugh]. But yeah, it was. Those were good days. Yeah, my dad, I miss him. Anyway. Okay, so what next?

I am at a point now in my life that–and this is after a little bit of therapy I had, uh, after my dad died. I’ve come to accept my shortcomings, accept them, and realize that what I have created, this business, this thing, I was actually ashamed of, I was embarrassed by, which is why I don’t tell my family, which is why I keep it from people, which is why it’s this secret, which is why it’s this uch. And I’ve realized that, you know what, it is a big accomplishment, not a lot of people make that kind of money, so already you’ve put yourself in a very different category. And you’ve done what your mom and dad wished you would do, and that is succeed, and they lived to see it. And in just one generation. So to have those things, makes me emotional. [Choking up] It’s good.



Rob Navarro

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